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Library Visioning Report (PDF)

 Most project documents have been archived. Please speak with the Executive Director or Business Manager if you would like to access these documents.

General Information

Service Area Map (PDF)

 Handbook for Library Trustees of NYS

 Library Trustees Association

 DCLA Board Meeting Minutes

 Robert’s Rules of Order Online

 New York Library Trustees online (NYLTO)

 NYS Division of Library Development

Library Reports

 American Libraries Report: The State of America's Libraries 2018

 Pew Research Center Report: Libraries

 Public Library Data Service Report: Characteristics and Trends (Public Library Association)

 Public Library Survey: Institute of Museum and Library Services

 State of America’s Libraries (ALA)

Selection of Laws Relevant to NYS Public Libraries

 For a more comprehensive list, see: NYS Division of Library Development

 NYS Education Law § 226: Powers of trustees of institutions

 NYS Education Law section § 259: Library Taxes

 NYS Open Meeting Law and Advisory Opinions

 NYS Non-Profit Revitalization Act Summary with links to full text

Town of DeWitt

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 Town of DeWitt Board Contact Information

 Town of DeWitt Planning & Zoning

DeWitt Community Library Association Board of Trustees Policies and Reports

DCLA Board Bylaws (PDF)

DCLA Strategic Plan (PDF)

DCLA Whistleblower Policy (PDF)

DCLA Conflict of Interest Policy (PDF)

DCLA Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form (PDF)

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DCLA Procurement Policy (PDF)

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